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Enter the Weekly Competitions! Win Cash Prizes on Pedlar


Seller Cobalt

Last seen: 5 months ago

Joined: 26th March 2019

Port Elizabeth

Stand a chance to win a R100 cash prize any week. List 10 items and PM me to enter. New winners will be displayed on the awards page every Thursday.


  1. You must be a registered member on Pedlar

  2. Listings must be valid (spam & trolls will be rejected)

  3. Listings will be checked by moderators for approval

  4. Buy now or classified listing types accepted

  5. Open at least new 10 listings

  6. Judges will award cash prizes to the best items listed by competitors.

  7. Criteria for listings are judged by validity and integrity

You'll be emailed an alert if your entry was approved or rejected.
Competitors for current week will be displayed on the awards page.
Cash prizes will be awarded to your PedlarCash account.

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